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Rome - Trastevere area

The Trastevere (area across the Tiber, hence the name) was never a particularly wealthy part of town. It does have a wonderful square and church, Santa Maria in Trastevere. The area is a focus of Roman night life, particularly the square of Santa Maria in Trastevere. The whole area is full of restaurants and bars and in many ways the inhabitants of this part of town regard themselves as the true Romans. 

The Janiculum hill affords great views over the city. It owes its name to the cult of the Roman god Janus which went on here. There is plenty of religious activity up there, not to mention San Pietro in Montorio and the wonderful "Tempietto" by Bramante said to be perfect in its classical conception and supposedly built over the spot where Saint Peter was crucified upside down. A glass panel on the ground of the Tempietto affords a view onto a stump of wood).

There is also the botanical gardens and a park with Punch and Judy shows. Another Mostra with views over the city is worth a visit - a fountain like the Trevi fountain to show off the end of an aqueduct. In this case the fountain is not quite as grand although it is, all told, pretty big and grand. The aqueduct in question is the Acqua Paola first built by Emperor Trajan in 109AC and later fixed and reopened in the early 17th century by Pope Paul V Borghese.

An absolute must is the Villa Farnesina, first built by a rich banker from Siena Agostino Chigi in the early 16th Century and decorated by the likes of Rafael. The paintings are both wonderful and entertaining with views of Rome as it once was and decorations of mythical subjects. One in particular portrays the banker's lover-courtesan Imperia.

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