Ancient Roman Map

 Ancient Roman map of the empireThis ancient roman map is a small section of the famous Tabula Peutingeriana: An ancient Roman map of the Roman Empire. It is drawn as a scroll measuring 6.8m x 35cm.

It is actually a 12-13th century copy of one or more Roman originals drawn around the 4th century although it surprisingly includes cities such as Pompeii, which had been deleted off the face of the earth during Vesuvius' eruption in 79AD. The Itinerarius Antonini probably provided part of the information also.

The section shown here shows Rome at the centre with the major roads branching out. Each road is named (Aurelia bottom left, Triumfalis, Flaminia, Salaria etc). The port shown below  is Ostia (actually to the west of Rome) and North Africa is shown at the very bottom, across the Mediterranean sea. The city just across the sea from Ostia is Carthage ("Chartagine colon."). Mainland Europe is across the Adriatic sea at the top.

The King figure seated on the throne is suggested as being St. Peter. As was traditional in Rome the ruler is shown holding an orb, symbolising power over the world.

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Ancient Roman map of roman empire