Map of Rome

Medieval rendering of a map of RomeThis medieval rendering of the Eternal city it clearly not to scale but it does allow us to easily identify the city's salient features. During the Medieval period Rome was of particular importance to pilgrims such as those depicted at the top left.

As well as the major monuments the map also allows us to gain a clear view of the city's position amongst its "seven" hills and with the Tiber river to the sw.

To name some of the monuments: Castro Praetorio is the fort to the north in which the Praetorian guards were headquartered. The Circus Maximus and the Colosseum are also quite evident as are also the two columns (Trajans and Antoninus Pius). The Pantheon, the Forum and various other major monuments can also be seen in this map of Rome.

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"Map of Rome" was written by Giovanni Milani-Santarpia for - Rome apartments