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The Naked Truth of Ancient RomeNaked Truth of Ancient Rome

This $2 e-Book covers a broad range of ancient Rome subject matter and images spanning from daily life to food, orgies, battles and politics and much much more.

Julius CaesarLearn how to tie a toga, do a little ancient Roman cookery or even build a bridge! Some of the salient areas are listed below.

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Ancient map of Italy during Roman timesA war chariotSmall Sample of Material Covered in this eBook

and much much more...

As well as

Antique print of an Ancient Roman Circus  roman_shield  Ancient Roman Clothing: a Roman woman wearing a Palla  an antique print of Roman Coins  gladiator_helmet_rome  Roman Chariot - a Biga

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Index of Ancient Rome

Major headings and areas covered:

Picture of a Roman Triumph parade

Ancient map of the Roman Empire

A war chariot

ancient war elephant

Map of early Rome

Picture of caesar

The roman army in action

Picture of the siege of Alesia

Roman Soldiers


A roman quinquireme ship

an antique print of Roman Coins



Ancient Roman Clothing: a Roman woman wearing a Palla



Spina of the Circus Maximus in Rome


Roman Chariot - a Biga

A map of ancient roman roads in ItalyA map of the coast including mount Vesuvius, Herculaneum and Pompey

  • Army: soldiers, total war, praetorians, legions, navy, flag, battle, machines &c.
  • Art: general intro, statues, theatre, painting, pottery, music, mosaics, frescos &c.
  • Augustus and the empire: empire, augustus, pax romana
  • Building and Engineering: architecture, aqueducts, roads, houses, basilica, technology, columns, buildings, bridges, arches, water, domes, techniques
  • Circus: Circus Maximus, chariots, games, other circuses. Social significance.
  • Class and Social Struggle in ancient Rome: Class, slaves, Senators, Equestrians, Patricians, women, children, plebs, population, family.
  • Colosseum: The building, amphitheatres, shows, map
  • Constantine and Christianisation: Constantine, Arch of Constantine
  • Dress and Clothing: Clothing, Tunic, Togas, Fashion, Costumes, Jewelry, Footwear and shoes, weddings, hair.
  • Early Christianity: Christian persecutions, the palaeo-Christians, St. Peter & St. Paul, St. Augustin, the Catacombs, St. Peter's basilica. See also Emperor Constantine.
  • Economy of Ancient Rome: money, gold, trade, economy
  • Every day life and labour: numbers, a day in the life..., transport, jobs, homes, doctors, animals, light. Also, see clothes, food, schools, social class.
  • Fall of the Roman Empire of the West: Fall of Rome, why the fall of Rome? Romulus Augustulus, Society, Holy Roman Empire
  • Five Good Emperors: Hadrian, Trajan, Marcus Aurelius
  • Food: General food, drink, meals, bread, food of the rich and poor, recipes.
  • Forum: about the forums in ancient Rome.
  • Games, Sport and Passtimes: Baths, games, toys, entertainment, gambling, sex, prostitution and orgies, plays & theatre.
  • The Gladiators: types of gladiators, gladiator training and training schools, Commodus, women gladiators. Weapons, profession and life, history, Spartacus.
  • Government and Law: Senate, government, punishment, law & laws, development of Roman law, politics, morality, praetors & other magistrates. Social structure vs Government vs Military power.
  • Julio Claudian Dynasty: Nero, Caligula, Caesars, Claudius, Tiberius, Vespasian
  • Julius Caesar and End of the Republic: Cleopatra, Julius Caesar's life, biography and death, Shakespeare (a must really), Omens, Timeline, Caesar's women
  • Literature: Virgil, Aenid, Livy, Plutarch, Tacitus, Poetry
  • Maps: ancient Rome, The empire and bits thereof, Pompeii, Tiber, Colosseum, Hadrian's wall, Julius Caesar's battles, Republic, empire under Augustus and Hadrian. Ostia, Forum.
  • Origins of Rome: Romulus and Remus, Aeneas, Etruscans, Latium, Gods, Sabines, Rhea Silvia, the She Wolf.
  • Other Emperors: General list and brief notes, Justinian, Valerian, Charlemagne (can't miss him out although he wasn't really a "proper" Emperor of ancient Rome), the raunchy Elagabalus, Galba, Commodus.
  • The Pantheon: General description, images, Architecture and construction techniques, various uses, mystical purpose of.
  • Pompeii
  • Religion: Gods and Goddesses also including Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Hercules, Janus, Asclepius, Isis, moon, sun, planetary gods, religious festivities & rites, calendar, marriage, Vestal Virgins, earth, temples, love, Diana, Aurora, Juno, Quirinus, Pantheon, Death and Funerals.
  • Republic and Social Struggle: The republic, Scaevola the left handed, The Gracchi-revolutionary forefathers.
  • Republic in Crisis: Marius, Sulla, Julius Caesar (see Caesar section).
  • Roman Britain: Hadrian's wall, Claudius, Daily life, England and Europe, antique map of Roman britain.
  • Roman Coins: Julius Caesar, the development of Roman coins, manufacture, antique print of Roman coins, names, value.
  • Roman Weapons: General description, swords, shields, armor, spear, training.
  • Romanticism: This section is tied together with the later history of Rome, including The Middle ages & Medieval Rome, Renaissance Rome, Baroque Rome, The reformation and counter reformation, The Holy inquisition and other bits and bobs which came after ancient Rome.
  • Rome City: weather, Tiber river, Geography, Pictures & maps, population
  • Schools: Schools and learning in ancient Rome. Education and higher education. Libraries in ancient Rome.
  • Seven Kings of Rome: See section on origins but each King deserves a particular mention. The Etruscan Tarquins, Priscus, Horatii, Alba Longa, Tarquinius Superbus &c.
  • Shopping in Ancient Rome: They too had traffic in the centre of town and loads of shops in the forum and streets. Retail therapy wasn't a modern invention!
  • St. Peter's basilica: Was started during antiquity. Built over a Circus - one of the various places where St. Peter was supposed to have been crucified in Rome. The square, the tomb and Popes.
  • The Vestal Virgins: origins, duties, their temple and home.

There is also...

  • A"Generic" category - to cover anything which didn't quite fit in the preceding headings! Includes things like ancient Roman numbers, writing, names, quotes etc.
  • Other materials include images, lists of popes and emperors, an extensive Timeline with events, rulers of the city, art etc.


Emperor Claudius' amphitheatre or roman colosseum  gladiators  Ancient Rome Circus Maximus - image of a race  gladiator_shield_bronze  ancient roman theatre masks

  A Christian being slayed by a Lion in the Colosseum  section of the Roman Colosseum.  Ancient Rome's Geography

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