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About mariamilani.com

"MariaMilani.com" was set up by Giovanni Milani-Santarpia and Maria Luz Vargas-Villalba. Plenty of outside help made all the difference.
Our names may give away our Mediterranean origins but what is not immediately obvious is our English background.
Maria de Vargas-Villalba
Our objective is to provide a range of services for those with a love of Rome and Italy. For us this means a "Boutique approach", aiming at a generally higher standard of product offering. A select network of affiliations enables us to be big yet remain small; to provide quality  without impairing price or the personalised service.
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Our Approach

The corner stone of our services is the provision of accommodation, although we are beginning to add side helpings of various other aspects linked to property in Italy and Rome such as travel and shopping as well as plenty of history of ancient Rome.

Things we particularly enjoy ourselves, such as ancient Roman history, articles about varied subjects such as Rome coffee bars and art are added in by us as a hobby. Of course, we can't it all alone so we also rely on a selected number of affiliated relationships. In total there are some 5-10 different people who assist us in different ways, providing some of the mariamilani frills.

As with any boutique worthy of the name, we hope you will find that the site itself has an individual touch of its own: We aim to keep to the point, be factual, direct in approach and clean in appearance but not without a little flair. How do we go about it? We author the site ourselves. This means we can also do our best to avoid the nowadays ubiquitous spelling mistakes and bad use of English.

This doesn't mean we're perfect of course but at least we have a direct handle on getting it right. If you spot anything untoward let us know!

More about "Us vs. Them"

There are many businesses out there providing a variety of agency services via the web. Some good, some less. Few of them manage to retain personalised service and business approach and if the use of English is anything to go by, few believe in attention for detail. They certainly beat us on marketing budget but on the other hand the fact that we're a lean business should also mean we can keep our costs lower than they. Combine that with a little savoir faire and personal touch and maybe, just maybe.....

| Our Approach | Our Service Offering | In Conclusion |

Our Service Offering

As mentioned above, the corner stone of our service offering is property in Italy with a special love for Rome, the Eternal City. The accommodation proposed is of two sorts: Holiday Rentals and Real Estate Purchase.

Property Rentals

Given we are a small concern we have chosen to focus on our strengths and contacts: We don't make use of databases to present properties and certainly avoid the "1000001 beds" type of strategy. Quite the opposite. Fewer properties of a generally higher standard means we can personally visit, take pictures and even write specific pages and artwork for each.

We try to keep to the facts and avoid vacuous statements like "truly wonderful" unless they are truly wonderful. Even then we worry: what might be truly wonderful to us isn't necessarily truly wonderful to another. So facts facts facts is the golden objective.

The properties we represent are focused around Rome but not exclusively so. It often happens that travelers will want to travel: Why visit Rome when you can also go to, Umbria, Tuscany, Venice or Paris... Nonetheless we try to stick to the knitting concentrating our expertise and preference for Rome apartments.

All this means we are able to provide a unique, personal and friendly service, allowing clients to go on holiday feeling that they belong, that they are welcome and that they might even wish to come back!

Real Estate

Our traditional family business was always involved with construction and construction law, meaning we had a number of connections and plenty of experience on tap to start us off.

In order to be true to our raison d'etre we have chosen not to become a real estate agent but rather focus on impartial intermediation, support and advice, on access to quality properties in Italy. This means we can be independent in helping buyers find the better deals out there whilst also assisting vendors and agencies get the best exposure abroad. In order to provide this we've created some specific service packages:

1) Agency services: Assisting property businesses and owner-sellers to get exposure outside Italy. This involves foreign marketing, translation work and other bespoke support.

2) Real Estate support services for buyers: two packages including:
- The standard service - we find selected properties matching customer description as closely as possible, we help and show the buyer(s) around and get remunerated a % commission of the final purchase price.
- The innovative service - Buyers ask for specific support and we help on an ad hoc basis. Payment is for service results and that means objectives specifically aimed at keeping the purchase price down. For example, the service might include finding properties on offer by owners, builders or digging around auctions rather than the agencies. So, it may sound like expensive hard work but actually tends to work out cheaper. It's the sort of hard work which can hardly be done without being on site.

| Our Approach | Our Service Offering | In Conclusion |

So, In Conclusion

We focus on providing less but more, few properties of better quality all backed up by providing the most transparent and complete information we possibly can.  Do let us know if you have any particular queries which we might be able to assist you with and we'll do the utmost to give you the best!

| Our Approach | Our Service Offering | In Conclusion |

written and published by Giovanni Milani-Santarpia